Graduation Shirts FAQ

What is a Graduation Signature shirt?

It is a T-shirt custom printed with the year and actual signatures of your graduating class.


How does it work?

It's easy! We supply a signature template for the kids to sign. A special black pen is also provided along with a few simple directions. Have the Graduates sign their names within the template. Return the template in the postage-paid envelope provided. We typeset the school name under the template which you returned, print the required number of T-shirts and ship back to you. The packet contains everything you need to offer the students a great keepsake.


How much does the signature shirt cost?

12 tees - $9.00 each
24 tees - $8.00 each
48 tees - $7.00 each
72 tees - $6.00 each
144 tees - $5.00 each
300 tees - $4.00 each



Are there shipping, screens or art charges?

No. The above cost is all you would be paying for a Heavyweight white printed T-shirt. There are no hidden charges.


Do you offer other colors besides white?

Yes. We offer many different colors. Colored t-shirts are $1.00 more per shirt.


When can I expect delivery?

You can expect delivery within 2 weeks after placement of order.


What sizes are available?

Small through X-Large are available.
XX - add $1.00
XXX - add $2.00
XXXX - add $3.00
XXXXX - add $4.00


How many signatures fit within the template?

No more than 200-250 signatures will fit comfortably within the template. If you have more than that, then we suggest typesetting the list of names in columns on the back of the tee for an additional $1.00 each (144 piece minimum) See an example here.The front of tees will have "Class of 2014" along with school name. *If you choose to have the list of names in columns, inside of the Signature template, there would be no additional charge.


Do we need to send payment?

Yes. Full payment must be submitted at the time the signed template is returned. Method of payment is credit card, money order or school check. Sorry, no personal checks are accepted.


What imprint color can I put on my Signature shirt?

Although you are signing the signature template in black, you can choose any color print for your tees view. Many customers choose their school color as the imprint color.


Is rush service available?

Yes, rush service is available. You can download a pdf version of the Grad Pack by right clicking here and choosing "Save As" Have the graduates sign their names using a black pen or fine point marker. Scan the signed template and completed quote form then email it back to office or mail it to USA Tees 6509 11th Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11219. We will print the shirts and rush them back to you. Call one of our customer service representatives for assistance in completing the downloadable forms.


Do you offer other items?

Yes. We have many basic items such as sweatshirts, sweatpants, t-shirts, gym outfits, caps and more! We can offer many brands such as Hanes, Lee, Fruit of the Loom, Gildan and Jerzee, to name a few. Please visit our online catalog and browse by brand or category!


What if we don't want to print the signature template?

The signature template is only one of many designs we print on shirts. We are a custom printing shop and as such our art department will accommodate your specific needs. You are also welcome to design your own shirt in our design studio, but the "Graduation Signature Tees" special pricing only applies to that program, not online orders.


Can we supply our own artwork?

Yes, we would be happy to reproduce your artwork on the shirts of your choice.


What if a student makes a mistake while signing the template?

White out can be used to correct any mistake made on the template.


How do I receive my packet with everything I need?

Call TOLL FREE at 1.800.872.4449 or 718-232-2744, Or